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The OG

The OG was our original bag (unnamed hence the "OG" designation) was our first bag we ever produced.The OG bag was built for friends and family before we decided to bring the bag to market. With the OG bag we took the same quality, attention to detail and design features and make it "production ready."  we changed a bunch of features after user feedback and found a more experienced gear maker to make the bag. 

Why did we build this bag?

The bag was built for daily use in an urban environment while giving the user various different configurations for their EDC. The bag was designed to be versatile. It needed to fit into an office environment, daily commuting, camping on the range or in a disaster. ​

Goals of the design:

The bag was designed around the below points:

  1. Ruggedness, the bag needs to take a beating and still be useable and long lasting

  2. Discrete, the bag should not scream “I’m tactical”

  3. Allow the user to add an armor panel

  4. Allow the user to easily carry a firearm off body securely and in multiple configurations. The bag also needed to conceal that firearm but allow the user to access the “common” gear they need.

  5. Lay flat design, the bag needed to fully clamshell open to maximize loadout space

  6. Allow the user to configure the bag as they wish. We did not want to dictate to the user how much space they need for pens, notebooks etc…

  7. Build a bag that can accept common 3rd party add-ons. I.E. BFG Dapper

  8. Maximize storage by keeping the design simple and clean

  9. Built in the USA, using quality materials

  10. Comfortable to carry while empty or full


The VC1O:R1, built like a tank but comfortable to wear and useable.


Overall size: 19.5" tall, 13" wide, 6.75" deep : 26 liters 

Materiel Used in construction 

  • 1000d Cordura 

  • YKK zippers

  • Bonded nylon thread

  • Duraflex hardware


Brand Logo 3.5w X 2.5h Black on
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