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Rex R2 Release Notes & Improvements



  • Various pattern changes to streamline look and feel

  • Increase overall size 2L

  • Change to YKK #8 Aquaguard zippers (matte)

  • Change placement of hydration port from center top to under 1.5” handle webbing (2 ports)

  • Improve stitching on stress points (Bartack & Box X)

  • Switch to ITW hardware

  • Complete redesign of shoulder straps

    • Less dense ½ foam (better for form fitting)

    • Body side of straps changed to Apex DNB211 spacer mesh

    • Change shape of straps. Fatter at top, taper at the bottom to fit under arms


  • Switch to ITW hardware

  • Increase useable section of Velcro loop on interior

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